India’s Turn At the FATF

The saga of Pakistan and the FATF is one that I have written about extensively, having been an ardent contributor and advocate for the strategy that led to the country’s ultimately successful exit from the dreaded gray-list. The crux of that strategy involved a twofold approach: (1) improving financial oversight, legal frameworks, and institutional coordination for the intrinsic benefit to the financial regime, but also (2) calling out the deeply-politicized and corrupt agenda of the FATF as a transboundary body run amok. This dual-approach yielded excellent results for Pakistan, and incidentally, the agent-provocateur of that tussle with the FATF is now up for a similar review.

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Global Economic Slowdown (2023) and Way Forward

Globally, an economic downturn has been observed in 2023, and the global growth forecasts for the year have been downgraded from their 2022 levels. The present working paper aims to explore causes and consequences of the global economic slowdown in 2023, highlight the potential sources of upside and downside risks to the global economy, and analyse the future growth outlook for 2024 and beyond.

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How Much Do We Export?

The question of our overall trade balance, how much we export and import, is one that has always been of significant concern, and one that has bedeviled many successive administrations, particularly those of recent times. It is generally ideal for a country to have a high level of both exports and imports, with roughly an equal amount of both. If exports are too great, there are negative effects such as strong appreciation of the currency, the need to reinvest surplus forex, and inflation.

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The Subhedars

The mainstay of current tax reform discussions in Pakistan arrives at the unanimous conclusion that the tax system is deeply flawed and cannot continue the way that it has. The most prominent and à propos recommendations include an expansion of the tax base, a reduction of unfair burden

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PIA and the Promise of Privatisation

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), once the shining jewel among global airlines, still carries the legacy of its golden era. Though recent decades have posed challenges and shifted the carrier to face financial headwinds, the spirit of the airline remains undimmed. The combined challenges of a fluctuating economy, global events such as the COVID-19 ​

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Cost-of-Living Crisis: Here to Stay for a While!

With inflation hitting record-high levels, millions of low- and middle-income Pakistanis are reeling from a cost-of-living crisis. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in late February last year and the subsequent global commodity price hikes, costs of

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