Space-Shaza Arif

Space Exploration: The Unification of Past, Present and Future

The enchanting realm of space exploration continues to unfold new wonders with every passing day, sparking a growing interest among individuals to embark on their own cosmic journeys. While exploring space with the aid of private companies that charge fortunes is a privilege usually

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Why are Pakistanis Moving Abroad?

Barbers are generally very talkative. They always like to give their point of view on host of issues, ranging from what’s happening in locality to politics and sometimes even religion. I try and get a haircut at least once a month and visit different barber shops. Last month when I visited a nearby barber shop, the barber was very quiet which was a bit unusual.

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Economic Affairs & National Development

PIA and the Promise of Privatisation

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), once the shining jewel among global airlines, still carries the legacy of its golden era. Though recent decades have posed challenges and shifted the carrier to face financial headwinds, the spirit of the airline remains undimmed. The combined challenges of a fluctuating economy, global events such as the COVID-19 ​

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India’s LCA Tejas

India’s LCA Tejas: A Strategic Investment or a Legacy Liability?

When the Indian Airforce (IAF) Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas showcased its capabilities at the prestigious Bahrain International Air Show, all eyes were on it, especially since the Chief of Air Staff of the Pakistan Airforce (CAS PAF) was also in Bahrain for an official visit.

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Navigating Darker Facets

Navigating Darker Facets of the Dark Web in Pakistan

The Dark Web is a relatively minor yet integral portion of the Deep Web, a realm within the Internet that is not easily accessible through conventional search engines like Google, etc. Coined by Computer Scientist Michael K. Bergman in 2001, the term ‘Deep Web’ was introduced to differentiate it from the ‘surface internet’.

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Energy Crisis


The power crisis has made the people powerless.
Much is being said about mounting public discontent regarding their bijli (electricity) bills, with widespread protests having erupted around the country, and with some incidences of extreme self-harm among individuals driven to desperation by the unbearable electricity costs.

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Washington’s ‘De-risking’ Strategy
Emerging technologies

Washington’s ‘De-risking’ Strategy amid the Semiconductor Race

Semiconductors or microchips are a critical technology for the United States (US) as well as the entire world because they power nearly everything – be it cars, smartphones, MRI scanners, airliners, industrial robots, data centres, autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence or advanced weapon systems.

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Rising Above-

Rising Above: The Pakistan Air Force’s Enduring Legacy of Professionalism, Perseverance & Prowess

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) stands among the world’s most professional and competent air forces. With a proven track record, it has successfully faced an adversary thrice its size in wars and conflicts.It also holds the unique distinction of having fought against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a superpower at the time,

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