Artifiacial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Military’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

This study explores the manifold domains in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having profound impacts in the contemporary world. . AI is penetrating virtually every aspect of human life and

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Economic Affairs & National Development

Traffic, Urbanisation & Road Safety: A Case Study of Pakistan

Recognising the severe challenge that traffic, urbanisation, and road safety pose for the country, the Government of Pakistan passed the ‘National Transport Policy of Pakistan 2018’ and ‘Pakistan National Road Safety Strategy

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Space development in pakistan
Aviation Industry

Development of Pakistan’s Space Program

With space applications and activities growing at an unprecedented pace in recent times, Space has emerged as a critical element of national power. Space applications in science and technology have proven their

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Economic Affairs & National Development

Pakistan’s Taxation Conundrum

This Issue Paper examines Pakistan’s revenue raising deficiencies and weak fiscal architecture as a security problem, one that requires proactive remedial measures and an effort towards public value co-creation.

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