Balancing Pakistan’s National Security and LAWS: Need for a Pragmatic Approach

Robust advancements within conventional weapons technology and amalgamation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have led to the development of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS), also known as ‘Killer Robots.’ Distinct from other conventional weapons, they integrate the element of autonomy in their critical functions. LAWS autonomously perform critical tasks such as navigation, identification, tracking, and targeting using sensors and algorithms, without human control.

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Is AI Becoming a Runaway Horse?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as driving force behind transforming various aspects of our lives from making chores easier to enhancing industrial efficiency. However, as this technological advancement continues to expand at an unprecedented rate, fears of unregulated growth, analogous to a ‘runaway horse’ have emerged.

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Securing Cloud Computing: Balancing Growth and Risk

Cloud computing refers to the accessibility of a wide range of ‘resources including applications, servers, data storage, development tools, and networking capabilities.’ These resources remain stored at off-site data centres managed by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), allowing users to easily access them over the Internet without users needing them physically on their devices. ​

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Washington’s ‘De-risking’ Strategy

Washington’s ‘De-risking’ Strategy amid the Semiconductor Race

Semiconductors or microchips are a critical technology for the United States (US) as well as the entire world because they power nearly everything – be it cars, smartphones, MRI scanners, airliners, industrial robots, data centres, autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence or advanced weapon systems.

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Inside the Shadows of AI & Need for Transparency

In Artificial Intelligence, the inability to fully comprehend the inner workings of a Deep Neural Network (DNN) or deep learning systems is called the ‘Black Box Problem.’ Being impenetrable and opaque, the AI Black Box does not explain how exactly artificial neurons transmit signals to transform

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