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The current era is marked by astounding advancements in science and technology, profoundly impacting nearly every aspect of human life. This is particularly evident in the realm of warfare, where technology not only significantly influences war but also evolves with it.

Recognising the critical importance of this interplay, the Centre for Aerospace & Security Studies (CASS), Islamabad, has dedicated significant efforts to researching ‘emerging technologies.’ This focus has led CASS to organise seminars and publish research exploring various aspects of this topic, thereby enriching its knowledge base.

In this vein, CASS plans to host a series of seminars on emerging technologies and their impact on modern warfare in South Asia. Particular attention will be given to Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Warfare, and Hypersonic Missiles due to their broad scope and the relative ease of incorporating them into future warfare scenarios in the region. The potential of these technologies to fundamentally transform the nature of war necessitates a forward-looking analysis of their possible effects.

This CASS seminar titled ‘Shifting Battlefields: Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Character of Warfare in South Asia’ aims to examine the development and proliferation of these technologies in South Asia, especially considering their future role in conflict scenarios. Here, ‘conflict’ is understood in a broad sense, encompassing more than traditional military operations. The seminar will include a Keynote Address, followed by presentations from subject specialists on the following main themes:

  1. Keynote – Redefining Warfare in the 21st Century: Convergence of Technology and Strategy in South Asia
  1. Emerging Technologies and Conduct of Future Air War
  1. Trajectory of Artificial Intelligence in South Asia: Assessing its Potential to Reshape Battlefield Strategies and Tactics
  1. Cyber Capabilities: Exploring their Anticipated Role in Transforming Indo-Pak Conflict Dynamics
  1. Narrative Building with Niche Technologies: Understanding the Strategic Importance of Storytelling in the Context of Advanced Technological Warfare

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