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Changing Lives, Shaping Futures: A Commitment to the Cause and Serving Humanity

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Guest Lecture

24 April 2024

Concept Note

The illustrious history of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is a testament to the sacrifices and contributions of its valiant warriors in both times of war and peace. The courage, vision, farsightedness, and legendary leadership abilities of these outstanding individuals have been pivotal in shaping the operational preparedness and overall progress of this esteemed institution. The PAF remains deeply indebted to these men of honour.


The innovative thinking and out of the box solutions of the PAF leaders were instrumental in establishing R&D institutions, acquisition of new weapon systems as well as strategic capability and indigenisation which put the PAF on the path of progress and self-reliance. The ingenious positioning of Air Defence assets, the road runways concept, co-production of JF-17 aircraft, induction of the J-10 into the PAF within record time and establishment of flagship projects like National Aerospace Science and Technology Park (NASTP) are few living examples of the acumen of PAF leaders.  In the domain of nation-building and philanthropy, PAF veterans have made everlasting contributions in the shape of projects like Rashidabad, SST school, Alamabad and Younusabad.

Series Objective

While the PAF has consistently acknowledged the meritorious services of its members, numerous historical events and efforts remain undocumented, existing only as memories within the minds of those who were part of them. As time progresses, this invaluable reservoir of wisdom, personal experiences, and lessons from the old guard is fading away. To safeguard this legacy, CASS is embarking on a series of interactive sessions with select veterans and senior retired officers who will share their insights and experiences with others.

CASS held the inaugural session with Air Marshal Najib Akhtar Khan, NI, NI(M) (Retd). The Centre is pleased to announce the second session featuring Air Commodore Shabbir Ahmed Khan, SI(M), SBt (Retd), a veteran of the 1971 war. He is also renowned for his significant contributions to philanthropy, particularly for establishing the ‘Rashidabad’ township. The session will encompass the following broad themes:

  • Establishment of Rashidabad
  • Memories of 1971 War


This article is published at CASS Website. CASS ( “Centre for Aerospace & Security Studies”) is an independent think tank located in Islamabad, Pakistan. CASS is unique in its specialization of Aerospace, as the only think tank in Pakistan to carry out systematic research in the domain. The aerospace sector is a key driver behind globalization, playing a pivotal role in national security, economic development and in supporting long-term economic growth to facilitate a country’s integration into the global economy.