Message from President

Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat (Retd)

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Welcome to Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies (CASS), which is an addition to a score of think tanks in Islamabad region. This has been established to inform the public and influence policy-makers on issues related to aerospace, which would be our niche. Additionally national security remains our important concern. Like any other think tank, our effort would be to give our unique perspective on the two key areas alluded to earlier. Pakistan has huge potential to exploit space and aviation for national interest. It demands well-researched ideas and recommendations which can aid the government in prioritizing legislation to enable the exploitation of airspace for making its rightful contribution to national economic growth. Our projects are not always launched based on cost-benefit analyses or rigorous feasibility studies. Since, aviation activities and infrastructure creation entail multi-billion dollar investment, their launching has to be preceded by indepth analyses, which should include environmental impact assessments. Our effort would be to make policy suggestions which make our security assured, cost-effective and self-reliant. We seek from, and offer to, our peer organizations, co-operation in this endeavor. We aim to involve, academia, industry, business houses and defense services to make their due contribution to the national effort in a structured and interactive manner. Above all, we would need government support at every level to initiate requisite legislation and follow-up action to see the projects through to fruition. Pakistan Payindabad!

About CASS

The "Centre for Aerospace & Security Studies" (CASS) is an independent think tank located in Islamabad, Pakistan. CASS would want to specialize in the aerospace domain because it is a key driver behind globalization, national security and economic development. It contributes to a country's integration into the global economy. With over 2000 aircraft using Pakistan's airspace daily, a vibrant civil aviation division, six launched satellites and the seventh largest Air Force, Pakistan's aerospace sector has significant potential.

Our Mission

To provide independent insight and analysis on aerospace and international security issues, of both an immediate and long-term concern; and to inform the discourse of policy-makers, academics, and practitioners through a diverse range of detailed research outputs disseminated through both direct and indirect engagement on a regular basis

Core Values


Analytical Rigor


Our Vision

To serve as a thought leader in the aerospace and security domains globally, providing thinkers and policy makers with independent, comprehensive and multifaceted insight on aerospace and security issues


Here are some of our experts

Air Marshal M. Ashfaque Arain (Retd)

Air Marshal M. Ashfaque Arain (Retd)

Strategic Defence & Security

Dr. Usman W Chohan

Dr. Usman W Chohan

Economic Affairs & National Development

Air Vice Marshal Faheem Ullah Malik (Retd)

Air Vice Marshal Faheem Ullah Malik (Retd)

International Relations & Security Affairs

Syed Muhammad Ali

Syed Muhammad Ali

Nuclear & Strategic Affairs

Dr Zia Ul Haque Shamsi

Dr Zia Ul Haque Shamsi

Peace & Conflict Studies

Mariam Siddiqui

Mariam Siddiqui

Front Desk Officer


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments and messages.


Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies, Old Airport Road, Islamabad

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+92 051 5405011