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This study explores the manifold domains in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having profound impacts in the contemporary world. AI is penetrating virtually every aspect of human life and changing the way we travel, use smartphones, and even interact on social media. Most of the applications of AI are dual-use, implying that they may be employed in both civilian and military settings. The huge potential of AI in the military domain has sparked competition for AI dominance and data control among key players in global politics such as the United States (US) , China, Russia and Israel etc.

AI has a plethora of applications in the aerospace industry such as real-time testing, safety monitoring, predictive maintenance, stimulation, air traffic communications and other combat related aerospace programmes. In Pakistan, the government, academia, and industry are all taking several initiatives to join the AI wave in order to remain competitive in a rapidly AI-evolving world. Using secondary data, this study highlights the current state of AI in general and in Pakistan in particular, and at the end puts forth recommendations for Pakistan to bridge the AI gap it has with the leading scientific and technologically advanced nations in the civilian as well as military landscape.

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