Gaza: The ‘Graveyard for Children’

In response to Hamas’s attack on 7th October, 2023, Israel has unleashed a fatal onslaught on the Gaza Strip. In these brutal attacks, Israel is not even sparing innocent children and infants. According to Save the Children, in the last 100 days or so, more than 10,000 children have been killed due to Israeli airstrikes and ground operations.

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Boycotts: Moral Choices in Turbulent Times

Resistance has many forms. At its core, it reflects how inaction towards injustice is synonymous to complicity. In this regard, the Armed Conflict Location & Events Data project has recently analysed the Israel-Palestine conflict, offering insightful data. According to their report, mass mobilisations have been observed, with approximately 7,283 pro-Palestine protests, from 7th October to 24th November, in 118 countries and territories.

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Tim Mcfarland, Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Law of Armed Conflict

Tim Mcfarland, Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Law of Armed Conflict: Compatibility with International Humanitarian Law

Autonomous Weapon Systems (AWS) are a rapidly evolving disruptive technology that not only impact the characteristics of warfare but also pose significant challenges for the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC). The distinctive feature these weapons present is their ability to select and eliminate their targets without human intervention. While these weapon systems have been gaining much consideration amongst Armed Forces of a number of countries, they are also becoming an immediate cause of humanitarian, ethical and legal concern.


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Netanyahu’s Lost Political Battle

Netanyahu’s Lost Political Battle

Hamas’s breach of the Israeli security system on October 7th gave pretext to the disproportionate and inhumane Israeli response in Gaza. Its focus on annihilating Gazans (be it an infant or elderly) has become the current defining feature of this historical conflict between Israel and Palestine. Israel has been on an outright war-crime spree in Gaza, under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, who is the longest-serving Israeli premier.
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Between Dignity

Between Dignity and Despair: The Choice to Die on One’s Feet

The attack by Hamas on the Israeli mainland on Saturday morning caught many by surprise, evoking memories of the unexpected assault by Egypt and Syria in 1973. The latest death toll stands at 576 Palestinians and at least 800 Israelis killed. Additionally, a large number of civilian and military personnel were taken hostage and shifted to Gaza.

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