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Potential of Nanotechnology

Emerging technologies such as AI, robotics and cyber have been in the limelight in defence and military domains since the 1950s; however, nanotechnology has not had a fair share of publicity. The

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Opinion Articles

Indian Military Procurements: A Scandalous Affair

India, the world’s largest democracy and a non-NPT nuclear weapons’ state, is plagued with scandals for military procurements. Despite stringent and painstaking bureaucratic processes for the approvals of defence procurements, India has

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Opinion Articles

Russia Eyes the S-500 Air Defense System

“Air superiority is the ultimate expression of military power.” Winston Churchill Airpower has always been one of the decisive factors in warfare given that airborne means of attack have the potential to inflict

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Opinion Articles

Turkey and the S-400 Crisis

Failing to secure a deal with the United States (US) and other NATO countries for an air defense system, Turkey turned to Russia for the S-400 air defense system. In 2017, Turkey

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