Surviving Queue
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Surviving the Queue

Ramadan this year has come at a difficult time for Pakistanis. As the state battles the assaults of political and economic instability, life of an average

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Opinion Articles

Promoting Technology-driven Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

The world is proceeding towards digitalisation at an unbelievably fast pace. Emphasising its importance, Marc Andreessen, an American entrepreneur wrote , ‘Software is eating the world’. Indeed, digitalisation has revolutionised every other field of

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Opinion Articles

An Effective Diplonomics is Need of the Hour

The ongoing debate on the transformation of geopolitics to geo-economics is a reflection of policy-maker’s changing priorities due to evolving global and regional dynamics. Geopolitics and geostrategic compulsions have already cost the

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Opinion Articles

Squeezing the Salaried Class

Pakistan’s salaried class serves the role of a steadied backbone in our otherwise rough-and-tumble economic life. Their salaries are subject to taxation that offers the slimmest modicum of tax effort in a

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