Reimagining Pakistan’s Afghan Strategy

The complexity of Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan has remained unabated over time. After the US withdrawal in August 2022, though, there was an air of optimism about a more settled and peaceful

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The Conundrum of TTP in Pak-Afghan Relations

Over several decades, Pak-Afghan relations have been characterised by phases of turbulence and stability. The current phase of bilateral relations is also marked by relative friction between the two neighbours. The primary

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Homeward to Afghanistan

If one were to take a look at social media such as Twitter (X), one might get the impression that Pakistanis are somewhat opposed to the repatriation of the Afghan migrants, but

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On the Expulsion of Afghan Migrants

There was a time when Peshawar, City of Flowers, really was a beautiful floral abode. The same is true for Karachi, the City of Lights, which was once a great beacon of

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Afghanistan: Overshadowed by the Ukraine Crisis

Till the end of 2021, Afghanistan loomed large in the international arena. The world was concerned about the deteriorating situation in the country post- United States withdrawal. Global media reported regularly about

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