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In a hypothetical sense, hybrid war, in its all nuances, may prove extremely damaging for Pakistan due to certain evident fault lines in country’s security infrastructure and body politic. India and its closest allies did try to find several avenues, which could be exploited with their location within Pakistan’s political, religious, cultural, and psychological domains. Pakistan’s response to India’s Hybrid War, as exposed recently by the European Watchdog through the ‘Indian Chronicles’, has been of great significance and worth investigating. Pakistan was able to sail through the troubling times, unleashed by this Hybrid War imposed by India. It retrospectively offers a formative case study in this context. This paper aims to explore how and what kind of a Hybrid War was imposed on Pakistan, which could rather prove a recurrent security threat. In addition, an effort has been made to determine pathways and methodologies adopted by the hostile neighbour to achieve its defined objectives by undertaking diverse insidious pathways.

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