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Meaningful Dissent

Conflict can be healthy, positive, and even necessary – if regard for the common good drives non-violent opposition. Rooted in the belief that meaningful dissent is essential for progress and an equitable

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Opinion Articles

The Deluder

How important is the level of education to the health of society? How important is an educated electorate for a well-functioning polity? The intuitive answer is that the more educated and

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Opinion Articles

Deterrent Value of Democracy

The title of this article might raise a few eyebrows because the term “deterrence” is considered the exclusive domain of the strategic community, at least in Pakistan.

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Opinion Articles

Where have all the Statesmen Gone?

Despite all the known and unknown ills of democracy, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (US) have remained the two classical beacons of enviable traditions of democratic values,

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Opinion Articles

Liberal Democracy

The archons of “Western democracy” have long professed the belief that liberal democratic ideals are universal and must therefore be spread across the world at any cost. Where they have not promoted

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