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The Center for Aerospace & Security Studies (CASS) with the collaboration of South Asian Strategic Security Studies (SASSI) organized a round table discussion on ‘’Pulwama: A Strategic Understanding’’.  The event was held on 18th April 2019 at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. The welcome address was given by Air Marshal Shahid Akhtar Alvi HI (M), Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Trg), Pakistan Air Force who holds the position of Deputy President of CASS

Since it was an official opening event for CASS, AM Alvi introduced the think tank and its hierarchy. The organization is headed by former Air Chief Kaleem Saadat NI (M) with four Directors, at present dealing with various imminent socio-economic and security related issues.

The opening remarks were given by former Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat. He talked about the Indian narrative for carrying out an act of aggression against Pakistan post-Pulwama and how Kashmiri people are facing continuous atrocities by the hands of the Indian government. He said sovereignty of any state cannot be violated by terming the actions as counter-terrorism. The keynote address was given by Maria Sultan Chairperson/ DG of SASSI University.

The event had three sessions with four keynote speakers covering major dynamics originating from post-Pulwama scenario. The first session was chaired by Ms. Sultan and the speaker was Air Marshal Rtd Javaid Ahmad NI (M). In his speech titled ‘’Act of War: The Doctrinal Debate after Pulwama,’’ he shed light on major issues as deterrence potential and space for aggression. How and why Air domain was used and it’s implications. He thoroughly discussed the post 26th February stance of India and Pakistan at a different level of analysis. He concluded his presentation by raising some questions that are getting momentum and putting a way forward how to cattle India in future after taking a critical analysis of events happened after Pulwama.

The second session was chaired by President CASS, former Air Chief Kaleem Saada. The session had two key speakers with economy and cost of war as a discussion topic. First, Dr. Usman Chohan, Director; National and Economic Affairs at CASS. He presented his knowledge on ‘’The FATF: Cross-domain economic coercion’’. He discussed in details how the FATF tool is being used to put Pakistan on back feet.

The second speaker was Dr. Shazia Ghani, Director of Economics & Policy Affairs, SASSI. Dr. Shazia enlightened audience with her presentation of ‘’Pulwama Attack: Geo-economic Understanding’’. She said the dynamics of Indian and Pakistani economy are very contrasting. Indian strategy to diminish Pakistan on economic terms by bringing FATF and how Pakistan must dealt with its micro-economy.

The third and last session was chaired by Air Marshal Waseem ud Din HI (M), Director CASS. The session had Ms. Maria Sultan as key speaker. The topic of session was ‘’Effects on Conventional and Unconventional Deterrence’’. Being an expert on Nuclear and it’s related topics. She talked on Cross-Domain Deterrence theory. How Indian nuclear doctrinal strategy is being changed and Pakistan need to go for a cohesive approach when it comes to its own nuclear doctrine. She put light on the Kashmir issue and highlighted the importance of UNSC Resolutions on Kashmir. She said the Indian act of aggression of 26th February must be taken as an act of war by Pakistan on all major international forums. And Pakistan must ask India for the forensic evidence of Balakot Airstrike.

All presentations by speakers were followed by question and answers session.    

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