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Post August 5, 2019 Illegal Indian Actions: Dynamics, Implications and Options

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The 5th August 2019 Indian actions of abrogating Article 370 and 35-A are very significant in terms of human rights, geopolitics, diplomacy and the regional security environment. During the past two years, India has further changed the dynamics of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK) by introducing new domicile laws, land laws and media policy in the occupied territory. These laws have been altered with the aim to bring demographic changes and to impose Modi’s Hindutva ideology in IIOJK. These illegal Indian steps are being viewed as clear violations of various United Nations resolutions. Furthermore, the recent meeting of Prime Minister Modi with the Gupkar delegation reveals the Indian intent to legitimize its actions domestically in IIOJK by deceiving the international community.

In order to analyze the significance of these major developments and explore relevant policy options to address the issue in political, security and strategic domains, a webinar is being organised that will allow political leadership, top security experts to critically evaluate the complex contemporary dynamics of the Kashmir issue. The discussion would also identify timely policy measures for the consideration of relevant stakeholders.

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