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Concept Note

In an evolving global world order, the world has entered a period of turbulence and transformation: and the international balance of power has undergone profound adjustments. The measures taken by dominant powers in the international system to maintain their hegemonic position, including containment, suppression, and sanctions, have significantly increased. COVID-19 that broke out in 2020 has had far-reaching impact. The trend of anti-globalisation is rising, unilateralism and protectionism are rising significantly, the world economy is recovering weakly. Regional conflicts and turbulence have become frequent and global issues, such as climate change, are intensifying.

Changes in the world and history are unfolding today in ways like never before. This poses a challenge to almost all countries in the world, and Pakistan and China are no exception. However, Pakistan’s strategic positioning and Pak-China relations will play an important role in shaping the regional dynamics in the future.

This bilateral dialogue aimed to assess the options available for both Pakistan and China in the context of the challenges mentioned above, including:

  • Pakistan-China Economic Relations: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Pakistan-China Relations in a Changing Geostrategic Environment

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