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US President Joseph Biden’s formal announcement of his decision to pull out remaining American troops from Afghanistan has generated an intense international debate regarding the Afghan future and its implications for regional stability and security with particular reference for Pakistan’s national interests.

Pakistan is one of the key members of the international community which is consistently supporting the diplomatic efforts that aim to find a peaceful, negotiated and durable solution to the Afghan conflict. The future of Afghanistan is likely to significantly influence not only Pakistan’s national, internal and economic security but also the force posture of its security forces. In addition, Pakistan’s ability to safely and timely develop itself as a trans-regional economic corridor will depend upon its national ability to effectively secure its western borders and protect lives, investments, economic corridors and national resources from the attempts to disrupt it.

In view of these critical implications of Afghan future for Pakistan’s security, stability and progress, a webinar was proposed that allowed well-informed security experts, diplomats and scholars to critically evaluate the emerging complex dynamics within Afghanistan and their likely impact on Pakistan’s politics, security and economy. 

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