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The swift, major and complex developments currently underway in Afghanistan could have profound and long-term implications not only for Afghanistan but all the neighbouring countries, regional stability and prospects of trans-regional connectivity, which deserves a timely intellectual reflection.

Therefore, in order to analyse the nature and significance of these developments, CASS is organizing a webinar onthe topic of Future of Afghanistan and Regional Stability: Challenges, Opportunities & Way Forward. CASS has invited leading experts from Afghanistan, China, Russia and Pakistan to exchange ideas for promoting regional cooperation, stability and progress. Moreover, it will also enable Pakistanis national security leadership to internationally share its perspective towards the future of Afghanistan, highlight emerging challenges, identify opportunities for regional cooperation and suggest a possible way forward.

Leading international speakers will deliberate on several key aspects affecting the future of Afghanistan and regional stability. These subjects range from governing Afghanistan: challenges & opportunities, the role of major powers in rebuilding Afghanistan, Russian policy towards Afghanistan after Western military withdrawal and Iran’s role in promoting regional peace & progress. This webinar will generate a timely policy-oriented and informed discourse to add substantive intellectual value to the evolving foreign, security, regional policy frameworks. In addition, it will also be of interest to the political, diplomatic, strategic and military leadership and relevant institutions, involved in contributing towards different aspects of the Afghan policy and promoting regional cooperation. Furthermore, experts, scholars, media, scholars, writers and students will also find this event interesting and insightful.

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