moral vaccination

The Moral Vaccination

In 2020, the world waited with bated breath as pharma companies around the world raced to arrive at a workable, safe, and efficient vaccine against the coronavirus

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Color Line

The Color Line

The convulsions of the year 2020 roiled the United States in at least two important ways: (1) they re-opened the gaping wound of racial inequities in an

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On Central Bank Independence

The notion of central bank independence (CBI) is both sensitive and complex, driven not just by a local economic context but by larger international “conventional wisdom” on

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carving up
Economic Affairs & National Development

Carving up Cartels

At present, Pakistan’s cement per capita consumption is only half of the world average (around 200kg versus 520kg for the world). This suggests that there is more

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hindutva rate growth

The Hindutva Rate of Growth

India’s economic growth in the early decades following independence was extremely low. Between 1950 and 1980, its economy grew on average 3.5 percent per annum, which translated

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The Labor of Leisure
Domestic Economy

The Labour of Leisure

It was recently announced by the Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhary that a special program of animation and videogames would be launched to encourage young

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