Domestic Economy

Dissecting Circular Debt

Among the set of structural challenges that Pakistan faces, the circular debt crisis is one that stands out both for its complexity and for its near-exclusiveness to

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Economic Vandalism in our time

The philosophy that underpinned globalisation premised itself on mutually-advantageous opportunities that would arise from greater interconnectedness and exchange. However, globalisation tended to exacerbate the levels of inequality

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Economic Affairs & National Development

Has the FATF Failed?

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an inter-ministerial body that aims to curtail international money laundering and terrorist financing by setting standards for national financial architectures.

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A Nation Made of Contradictions

According to the Cambridge English dictionary, contradiction is “a fact or statement that is the opposite of what someone has said or that is so different from

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Public Health

Dengue and World Domination

“Behold! Allah is not ashamed to propound the parable of a mosquito, or even of something more lowly. The believers know it is the truth from their

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Human Rights

End of Humanity!

On 5th of August, 2019, Narendra Modi and his government unleashed a wave of suffering and punishment often seen in tribal and primitive societies and not in democracies

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The New Delhi Nazis

On August 1 of every year, there is an acutely painful and profoundly emotional moment that is commemorated in Warsaw, Poland. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon,

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Indian Oppression

The ‘Reichstag Fire’of Pulwama

As tensions in New Delhi reach a fever-pitch, and war hysteria grips the increasingly faltering BJP leadership, it is resorting to a dangerous gambit: get enough Indians

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