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Dr. Usman W Chohan

Professional Experience

Dr. Usman W. Chohan is an international economist and academic who was one of the founding Directors of CASS, serving as Director of Economic Affairs & National Development. He is among the Top 10 Business Authors (out of 12,000 authors) on the Social Science Research Network, which is the largest open repository of knowledge in the world. He has authored four books in the past four years: (1)  Public Value & Budgeting: International Perspectives, (2) Reimagining Public Managers: Delivering Public Value, (3) Public Value and the Digital Economy, (4) Pandemics and Public Value Management. In the academic realm, his research has been cited widely, as for example in the World Trade Organization, the European Parliament, the National Bureau of Economic Research, IEEE, and the OECD, among many others, and Dr. Chohan has testified before various authorities based on his technical expertise. He is also the President of the International Association of Hyperpolyglots (HYPIA), whose membership consists of the speakers of six or more languages worldwide.  Dr. Chohan’s forthcoming fifth book is titled Activist Retail Investors and the Future of Financial Markets (co-edited)while his forthcoming sixth book is titled Public Value and the Post-Pandemic Society.




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