Air Marshal Farhat Hussain Khan (Retd)

Air Vice Marshal Syed Najam ul Asar (Retd)

Former Director


Air Vice Marshal Syed Najam ul Asar (Retd)

Professional Experience

Air Vice Marshal Syed Najam ul Asar, who served as Director at the Centre for Aerospace & Security Studies in Islamabad, was commissioned in the GDP Branch of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in October 1978. His 34-year tenure in the PAF was marked by flying various fighters and training aircraft and included commanding roles of a Fighter Squadron, a Fighter Wing, and a prestigious fighter base of the PAF. He completed numerous professional courses both in Pakistan and internationally. He is a fellow of the PAF Air War College in Karachi and the National Defence University, holding Master’s degrees in War Studies and Strategic Studies from Karachi University and Quaid-i-Azam University, respectively. As a two-star officer, he served as Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Defence for five years, where he contributed significantly to enhancing the working environment and culture. Post-retirement, he earned an MPhil in Peace and Conflict Studies from NDU, Islamabad in 2016 and has been engaged as a visiting faculty member there. Air Vice Marshal Asar is a decorated military officer, honored with the Hilal-i-Imtiaz, Sitara-e-Basalat, and Sitara-e-Esar for his humanitarian services during the 2005 earthquake.




COP28: Rhetoric Overshadows Climate Action vs Defence Spending

Yet another Conference of the Parties (COP) to address the existential challenge to planet Earth and the human species in the form of climate change concluded in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 13 December 2023. It had to be extended by one day as the required consensus on phasing out of fossil fuels could not be achieved on the final declaration due to the intransigence of oil-producing countries.

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Paradox of Victory: Weighing the Strategic Costs of Tactical Surprise in Gaza

It is a genocide by all definitions. As of 6th November, Reuters, New York Times, AP News and New Arab news website have quoted the Ministry of Health in Gaza. According to these sources, a total of 10,022 Palestinians, including 4800 children and 2550 women have been killed and 25,408 wounded by the Israel’s indiscriminate aerial bombardment of Gaza. In contrast, Israeli death toll stands at 1400.

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