Traffic, Urbanisation & Road Safety: A Case Study of Pakistan

Author Name: Hassan Mujtaba & Dr Usman W. Chohan      20 Jul 2022    

Abstract: Recognising the severe challenge that traffic, urbanisation, and road safety pose for the country, the Government of Pakistan passed the ‘National Transport Policy of Pakistan 2018’ and ‘Pakistan National Road Safety Strategy 2018-2030.’ In this context, then, this paper aims to study the problems of Pakistan’s road safety in detail and then dissect the government’s policy response to them.

The paper discusses the structural problems of Pakistan’s road safety which encompass institutional, execution, physical and operational, and attitudinal and behavioural issues; and then highlights the impact of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on Pakistan’s road and transportation network and its impact on the economy and development. This is followed by specific policy recommendations that are contributory or complementary to the vision of the Transport Policy and Road Safety Strategy. Finally, the paper presents a brief way forward vis-à-vis the design of cities, streets, and roads to make them more citizen friendly.

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