Kashmir: Beyond Imbroglios

Author Name: Dr Usman W. Chohan & Omer Aamir      05 Apr 2020     Human Rights


Available at SSRN: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3568447



It is necessary that a more nuanced and comprehensive viewpoint be presented to a global audience vis-à-vis Kashmir, which can foster both wider international engagement as well as a richer understanding of the salient features and undercurrents that permeate Jammu & Kashmir state and the South Asian region at large. Based on the Kashmiri indigenous perspective, this working paper introduces a new lens to examine an old problem of exploitation: the Marxian context of class violence. It systematically refutes elements of recent “scholarship” issued by New Delhi regarding (see Ahlawat and Malik 2019), to offer a richer discussion of the nature of class violence superimposed on the Two Nation Theory, and thus shed light on the plight of Kashmir in finer historical perspective. The findings of the paper echo the United Nation’s resolutions on the Right to Self-Determination of all peoples, as a bridge to an era of harmony and sustainable development in South Asia.


Keywords: kashmir, marxism, fanon, class violence, colonialism, south asia, pakistan, india, united nations

Suggested Citation:Chohan, Usman W. and Aamir, Omer, Kashmir: Beyond Imbroglios (November 11, 2019). CASS Historical Analysis Working Papers Series .