Sino-India Border Clashes: Implications for the South Asian Strategic Environment

11 Nov 2020     Conference / Seminar

Concept Note

The Sino-Indian border clashes can have significant and far reaching geopolitical, geoeconomic and geostrategic significance for the South Asian regional strategic environment. The international and regional discourse on this subject has so far largely remain confined to its general and territorial aspects and immediate implications of the incidents on the SinoIndia border. Therefore, there is a requirement to further analyze its significance for the foreign policy, international law, conventional doctrines and strategic postures of global and regional powers in the short, medium and long term future. In addition, the relative impact of these clashes on the bilateral and multilateral relations of major global and regional powers also deserves a timely and deeper review. Hence, an international webinar is proposed on the above subject in the context of the above relevant and significant strategic aspects. It will also help gain strategic insights of major and relevant countries on the above topic. This will also help deepen the national and international understanding of relevant and current international perspectives and evolving stances on the subject. Moreover, it will also help contribute towards evaluating the significant implications of Sino-India border clashes for international politics, regional security and Pakistan’s defence policy and strategic posture. Furthermore, it will provide an opportunity to internationally present Pakistan’s security concerns and articulate our strategic narrative on the above issue. This will further reinforce the nation’s confidence in our defence forces’ intellectual ability to accurately assess and timely chart appropriate course in future, to satisfactorily defend the country and protect its interests.

A Seminar Report, based on the above event, will also be prepared for the relevant and key stakeholders along with policy recommendations. 


Press Release : Sino-India Border Clashes: Implications for the South Asian Strategic Environment, Dated : 11 Nov 2020
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