Sameer Jameel



Time: March 3, 2020
Location: Serena Hotel, Islamabad
Event Type: Conference
Organized By: Team CASS

About Speaker

Mr. Sameer is an innovative ICT Expert with over 20 years of combined experience in the telecommunications and technology services industries. He has extensive exposure to multi-cultural practices and international business protocols, particularly in the Middle East, Africa and Asia through frequent seminar, conference and resident assignments. 

He has a track record of large scale ICT engagements and business development, with Enterprise Architecture & Consulting experience encompassing Technology Infrastructure, Information & Cyber Security, Datacenter, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Digital Architecture, Blockchain, Artificial Inelligence and Business Continuity, Governance and Business process Optimisation in diverse industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Financials, Government, Healthcare and Education with focus in telecom space. He is a speaker and advocate for cloud, cyber security and governance processes standards, Regulatory Compliance, EA framework and business processes framework. is presently working with Huawei Middle East as Chief Technical Officer ICT.

TOPIC OF SPEECH: Cyber Warfare

“The digital age is witnessing an unprecedented progress, providing an ever increasing number of people with digital technology, greater connectivity, and bringing new opportunities. Dependence on computers and networks has exposed these systems to hostile state, as well as non-state actors to penetrate for the purposes of causing damage or disruption. Satellites and other space assets, just like other parts of the digitized critical infrastructure, are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. With each passing day, the cyber security landscape is becoming more complex due to ever emerging newer threats and cyber vulnerabilities. This aspect poses serious risks for ground based critical infrastructure, and in turn increasing challenges to society, economic activity and national defence. Additionally, as a result of rapid pace of development, the introduction of newer technologies often outpace the establishment of state institutions, legal regulations, and other mechanisms that could help manage the arising challenges. While the benefits of better connectivity cannot be denied, there is a need to study the vulnerabilities emerging from digitalization; especially for the developing countries to counter associated pitfalls.” The presentation would aim to answer the following questions:

  • What are the new trends in realm of connectivity and their vulnerabilities?
  • What are the emerging cyber security threats both, for civil as well as military systems?
  • What are internationally available legal control mechanisms?
  • Can cyber-attacks by individuals / non state actors lead to military confrontation between countries?
  • How can the threats be mitigated and damage from cyber threats minimized?