Lt Gen Aamir Riaz (Retd)

Former President NDU


Time: March 3, 2020
Location: Serena Hotel, Islamabad
Event Type: Conference
Organized By: Team CASS

About Speaker

Lieutenant General Aamer Riaz, Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military) was commissioned in a Distinguished Battalion of Frontier Force Regiment in 1984. The General is graduate of Command and Staff College, Quetta and National Defence University, Islamabad, holds the Master Degree in Science & War Studies from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad and Diploma in Defence and Strategic Studies from University of Malaya, Malaysia. His varied Command, Staff and instructional experience includes Brigade Major of Independent Mechanized Brigade Group, Commanding Officer of Frontier Force Regiment, Chief of Staff, Commander Independent Infantry Brigade Group, General Officer Commanding of Division and Commander of two different Corps. On the instructional side, he has been on the faculty of School of Infantry and Tactics and Command and Staff College, Quetta. He remained President of National Defence University, Islamabad from December 2018 to October 2019.

TOPIC OF SPEECH: Hybrid Warfare

“Hybrid warfare is emerging as the preferred option for achieving national objectives with the combined use of kinetic and non-kinetic means. The synchronized use of multiple centres of power, spearheaded by intelligence agencies against adversary’s key vulnerabilities in political, economic, diplomatic and societal areas etc. using irregular forces and unconventional methods helps achieve synergetic effects. Owing to its peculiar nature, Hybrid warfare is a textbook case of ‘the whole being greater than the sum of its parts’. Mass communications and social media have become the most significant component for success or failure of Hybrid Warfare. By combining kinetic operations with subversive efforts, the aggressor intends to avoid attribution or retribution. Hybrid warfare can be used to describe the flexible and complex dynamics of the battle space requiring a highly adaptable and resilient response. Pakistan has been facing hybrid war and requires a comprehensive strategy to effectively counter the threat. Key questions pertaining to the presentation are:

    1. Increasing reliance on use of Hybrid warfare to achieve national objectives?
    2. What are the kinetic / non kinetic means used in hybrid warfare?
    3. What are the key vulnerabilities of target state?
    4. How do technology and mass media support this type of warfare?
    5. Pakistan’s response options against ongoing hybrid warfare