Dr. Maria Sultan



Time: March 3, 2020
Location: Serena Hotel, Islamabad
Event Type: Conference
Organized By: Team CASS

About Speaker

Dr. Maria Sultan is the Chairperson and the Director General of the South Asian Strategic Stability
Institute (SASSI) University. She is an advisor to the Ministry of Defence on Strategic and Military
affairs. She is also the founding Vice Chancellor for Muslim Youth University and established
programs in Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Management Sciences, Social Sciences
including International Relations and Peace & Conflict Studies.
She was the founding co-director of the South Asian Strategic Stability Unit at the Bradford
Disarmament Research Centre (BDRC), University of Bradford. She also served as Deputy
Director South Asian Strategic Stability Unit at (BDRC). DR Sultan is a specialist in South Asian
nuclear arms control and disarmament issues, weapon systems development and strategic stability.
She has published widely in academic journals, news dailies and books.
Earlier, Dr. Sultan worked as an assistant editor in the influential English daily ‘The Muslim’. She
is a visiting faculty member at the National Defence University (NDU), Pakistan, Foreign Service
Academy, Pakistan Naval War College, Pakistan Air War College, NATO Defence College, the
Russian Center for Policy Studies, Moscow, China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), the
Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, the
Department of International Relations, University of Peshawar, and the Command and Staff
College Quetta.