Amb Inam-ul-Haq (Retd)

Former Foreign Minister


Time: March 3, 2020
Location: Serena Hotel, Islamabad
Event Type: Conference
Organized By: Team CASS

About Speaker

Ambassador Inam-ul-Haq is a Pakistani career diplomat who has served as Foreign Secretary, the highest post of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan as well as the Foreign Minister of Pakistan in the caretaker government of Muhammad Mian Soomro in the year 2007-2008. He also remained Minister of State for Foreign Affairs from June 2002 to November 2002.Mr. Haq served as Pakistan Ambassador to Turkey, China (1997–1999) and Permanent Representative to the United Nations before being appointed as Foreign Secretary. Mr. Inam-ul-Haq was the Chairman, Board of Governors at Institute of Strategic Studies, a leading strategic studies think tank in Islamabad. He also held the position of Chairman at Pakistan-China Friendship Forum. Inam-ul-Haq was the member, Board of Governors at Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad. Being a seasoned diplomat, he was the Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the premier military academy, the National Defence University Pakistan. He frequently delivers lectures at the National Security Workshops.

TOPIC OF SPEECH: Regional Security Dynamics

The South Asian region has been characterized by a dynamic interplay of security, diplomatic and economic factors reinforcing each other in a complex nature of global interests amid territorial disputes, disturbed borders and terrorism concerns. The events of the last few decades are a witness to the competing political and strategic interests of the superpowers amply visible in Iran, Afghanistan, India and their effect on Pakistan. Moreover, the perpetually volatile Kashmir issue and the abrogation of Article 370 by India has led to a dangerous situation in the South Asian region, with an increased risk of a conflict between the two nuclear armed neighbours. The talk on regional security dynamics would highlight the potential and perils for Pakistan emerging out of the current geostrategic equation and its available options”.