Economic Security

The Paradox of Hunger  

There is a paradox of hunger that pervades our society with respect to the consumption of food. On one hand, we are categorized among the hungriest and food-scarce on earth; and on

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Disputing the Disputed Status

In an act of defiance against India’s sinister design to strip the Muslim-majority part of its nominal autonomy, Kashmiris are ready to rebel the controversial decision, the revocation of article 370. Foreseeing

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National Security

A Fine Retort

In February 2019 over forty Indian paramilitary troops were killed in an attack later claimed by Jaish-e-Muhammad, a proscribed organization. Following this militant attack, tensions between India and Pakistan began to soar.

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Domestic Economy

Dissecting Circular Debt

Among the set of structural challenges that Pakistan faces, the circular debt crisis is one that stands out both for its complexity and for its near-exclusiveness to the Pakistani context. The circular

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A Nation Made of Contradictions

According to the Cambridge English dictionary, contradiction is “a fact or statement that is the opposite of what someone has said or that is so different from another fact or statement that

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Human Rights

End of Humanity!

On 5th of August, 2019, Narendra Modi and his government unleashed a wave of suffering and punishment often seen in tribal and primitive societies and not in democracies to which India claims to

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The Implied Truth

On Feb 28, 2019, the Indian Ministry of Defence arranged a joint press briefing to salvage the reputation and professionalism of the Indian armed forces following their own foolish and unbelievable ‘surgical

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Foreign Policy

Time to Change our Approach

Whenever a terrorist attack occurs anywhere in the world, people in Pakistan hope and pray that the perpetrator isn’t from Pakistan. After every such incident, Pakistan is among the first to condemn

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